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  • Program license Free
  • Version Beta
  • Size 7.0 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Garena Software

Garena+, a global network that lets gamers connect with each other, supports a large number of games, and it has a few major titles like Battlefield 2, Age of Empires I and II, Call of Duty: World at War, Left 4 Dead, Starcraft, Team Fortress 2 and many more. Before you download and install Garena+, you will first have to register, and after that, you will be assigned an avatar that gives you an identity within the Garena community. With this system, you can see who's online and the players who have the same ability as you.

Garena: What You Need to Know

Garena+ does sometimes focus more on some games than others. For example, Warcraft 3 even has an online video channel, and you have a high-level championship mode, but there are other games that do not have all these nice features. The biggest benefit of using Garena+ is how you can communicate with other gamers because the system has its own instant messaging system, and there is also an internal mail system. You can also connect on the Garena forums to learn and share knowledge about your favorite games. The forum has a points system to pinpoint the users who are heavy contributors on the forum. While Garena+ may not be compatible with every major title that you find, for the ones that do work, it offers you a simple way of playing and finding games with like-minded people. Garena is also a great platform for games like "Path of Exile" and "League of Legends."

Free to Download

The advantage of using Garena is how you can download this online social gaming platform for free, and you can connect with millions of other gamers across the globe. The company was first started in 2007, and they began as part of the Esports community. Throughout this experience, the founders of Garena were fascinated at how fast online games were evolving. As a result, it inspired them to build this company together. Forrest Li, along with his friends, first began Garena in 2009 as part of their passions for bringing a higher level experience of gaming to the world. The company first launched their online gaming platform in 2010, and the social platform has been designed so that you can chat, meet and play games with other people of like minds.

With this system, you also have the ability to track your gameplay, and you can view the achievements of your friends because of the centralized buddy list. You connect with groups of people with like interests, and you can also join clans. A lot of these gamers can be connected with through public or private channels.

Garena: the Road to Fast Success

What's impressive about Garena is how fast the company surpassed their one million person milestone. In a little under a year, the company boasted that they had more than one million active players on their network, and along with providing an esports playground for classics like Age of Empires and Dota, Garena also introduced some of the latest games to hit the market. That included the award-winning title, "League of Legends," and they also introduced the first-person shooter called, "Black Shot."

Playing Different Games with Your Friends

Garena has a friendly online community that will introduce you to the friends of a lifetime. In addition, you can play the different games that you all have. While it might be great to play with your friends, however, Garena does not come without its issues. For example, you have frequent lag even when using the local servers, and this is not your average lag. Another thing that can be terribly ironic is that Garena uses the slogan, "Connecting world gamers." What makes that statement ironic is how some of these games do not let you play with other continents or countries.

Garena has a good zero-configuration client that lets you connect with like-minded individuals for better gaming. The problem is that the technical support can be frustrating at best and unhelpful at worst with suggestions like, "Clean your PC using your antivirus." Another time they suggested that someone format their hard disk. However, when there are no technical errors, it works great, but you have to hope that you do not get an infrequent and unfixable technical issue because the support team will not help you.

About Garena

This consumer Internet platform provider is based out of Asia, and they were founded in Singapore. The company distributes their titles in different countries across Southeast Asia and Taiwan. In 2014, the company was valued at over $1 billion, and since March 2015, they have increased in value up to $2.5 billion. Garena lets you discover new popular titles, and you can download and play the online games with a community.

Garena vs. Steam

A lot of people use Garena because it is the home to Dota. Garena was more designed for online LAN. Another advantage of Garena is how they have high level rooms. Meanwhile, Steam has better support, and they are less laggy than Garena. Where Garena excels against Steam is that it does not have annoying ads, and there's a lot of simplicity with this gaming platform. Garena is just the middle-man client while Steam is the firsthand client. Also, with Steam, you have more reliable servers.

While Garena may not work with every major title, for the games that it does work with, this can be a solid method for connecting with other gamers. You can also find online opponents much faster with this system than what you could using other systems.


  • You Can Connect to Gamers on an International Scale
  • You Have Access to Special Warcraft 3 Features
  • The Helpful Community on the Forums and the Internal Messaging Systems


  • Beta on Garena can Be Unstable
  • Garena Does Not Support All the Major Titles
  • You Have to Pay to Personalize Your Avatars
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